Our Story

I am Indian soul was inspired by my late mother who always looked so effortlessly beautiful in her traditional Gujarati dress, the sari. Born and raised in London, I grew up in awe of the beautiful colours, prints and fabrics that make up the sari. I always felt it was a shame that I could not wear them, because they were a part of my identity but not practical in the western world.

As I grew older I remember mum too wore less of her saris as she tried to fit into the western culture of jeans and a blouse but whenever the opportunity came for mum to wear a sari, how she quickly went back to her effortlessly elegant feminine self. I loved seeing her embrace beauty the way she did when she wore a sari.

In the summer of 2016, 3 months after mum passed away I bought some hanker-chief dresses made from recycled saris, and though they were gorgeous I felt compelled to select more contemporary prints, softer fabrics, create improved fitting and this is where I am Indian soul began.

In early 2017, I took a leap of faith, went to India and sourced the most stunning fabrics and prints and before I knew it I had myself a small collection, each one unique and beautiful and most importantly practical to not just wear, but shine in the western world.

To me I Am Indian Soul is about celebrating our individuality, beauty, freedom and most importantly life. I Am Indian Soul is more than a fashion brand, its about embracing who we are, flaws and all, and loving the soul regardless.